Is the golf ball good for multiple uses?

Mach One Golf Balls are designed to be a single use novelty ball. 

Is there a specific way to hit the ball?

Within the logo there is an arrow, make sure to tee up the ball with the arrow pointing in the direction you want the ball to go. Hit the ball as normal making contact with the raised red button also known as “strike zone” (that’s all there is to it!)

Is there a specific club I should use? 

Use metal drivers or long "metal woods" only.

Where is the best place to hit this ball?

You need to be sure that you have full clearance ahead of you as with any ball to prevent any interference (an open field, driving range, golf course, etc)

Does it damage your driver?

In our 20 years of experience we have not seen any structural damage done to a driver. There can be residue left by the ball however it can be wiped off.

Newer technologies, using exotic materials like carbon fiber and graphite mixes, are far more fragile, and more sensitive to any element outside of contact with a normal golf ball. This is why we recommend that the Mach One Golf Ball be hit with an all-metal driver only and explicitly state, “not responsible for damage to golf clubs”.

What is the current shipping time?

Our current processing/ship time is 5-7 business days however, due to the holidays this timeframe is not guaranteed. Expedited shipping is available at checkout. Note: the cutoff is 12 PM (pst) each day for expedited shipping. Orders placed after 12 PM (pst) will ship the next business day. See our full shipping policy here.

Can you take them on an airplane?

 Yes, you can however they must be put in your checked luggage.

Do you ship internationally?

Not at this time, but please let us know if you want Mach One Golf Balls shipped to your country!