Since Golf began, we have all been pursuing the perfect shot. Watching and listening for the sight and sound of “SPEED”.

Dwaine Esslinger, an average golfer with a knack for the dramatic, liked to surprise his friends with his homemade putters, irons, and drivers, along with other “creative” golf related inventions. None of which improved his handicap, but that’s what made the game fun for him. When he created the original version in 2003 of what we now call the SHOCK'D Golf Ball, he knew he was on to something special. No one had ever heard anything like it.

Fast forward to today.

Though Dwaine had definitely “teed” this idea up, it never came to completion. So, in 2021 with no guarantees to stand on, the family decided to pick up where he left off! After 8 months of R&D, countless long hours of strategizing, miles of red tape processes and lots of laughs while filming, The World's Loudest Golf Ball has finally become a reality. All of the golf balls are manufactured in our facility in La Habra, California, packaged by hand and sent out all over the US!

Our family sincerely hopes that you have as much fun as we have had, along with countless others, pranking your golf buddies, surprising friends and bringing a whole lot of laughs to a very old game!!